About The Project

Digital technologies, which create great opportunities for business and social development, also allow state and large private organizations to monitor people’s movement, social behavior, and even influence their choices when making both political and commercial decisions.

The Digital Agenda initiative has brought together several organizations that believe there is a serious threat in the use of digital technologies in the detriment of democracy and human rights and freedoms in Armenia today. Despite significant changes in the political life of the country, the new authorities often abuse the trust of the people, using digital technologies, being not transparent, and in some cases even ignoring the law and international law.

This initiative is aimed at promoting surveillance and censorship-free Internet policy in Armenia. The project objectives are to be achieved through the development of relevant long-term policy agenda and implementation of short-term actions such as initiation of necessary amendments to current telecommunication legislation and strategic litigation. Project activities include drafting amendments to the laws and regulations supporting defined policy agenda, building a coalition of civil society organizations and representatives of industry, advocating law amendments with joint efforts of the coalition and members and progressive politicians.

Specific project objective

The achievement of the following specific objectives will contribute to reaching the overall goal of the project and therefore building solid ground for sustainable surveillance-free and non-discriminatory access to the Internet in Armenia:

a) Adoption of a long-term policy agenda that will guide the coalition of civil society organizations and other interested groups in advocating free and non-discriminatory access to the Internet.

b) Drafting specific amendments to the Law on Electronic Communication based on the long- term policy agenda and launching an advocacy campaign for their adoption.

c) If required launching strategic litigation aimed at changing controversial decisions of regulatory and/or executive authorities.